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Life Science Paper 1

Marks: 150 | Grade: 12 | Interactive Past Exam


Better prepare for your Life Science Paper 1 Exam to  achieve higher marks

As soon as you complete and submit the Interactive Past Exam for Life Science Paper 1, you will instantly receive your marks, corrections, feedback, and discover your current problem areas that will likely decrease your Life Science Paper 1 Exam marks if the below actions are not taken.

Study Tasks will be provided after your exam is graded, follow the recommendations to accelerate your growth as the feedback will provide the actions required to turn your identified problem areas into additional strengths, so you can:

  • Better prepare for your Life Science Paper 1 Exam,
  • Increase your competency by achieving academic goals
  • Move towards attaining higher Life Science Paper 1 marks.

Exam Curriculum

Grade 12 Life Science Paper 1
Life Science Paper 1 02:30:00
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