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Our Story

As of 27 November 2018, the study aid has helped students identify and turn 1,7 million problem areas into additional strengths. Helping students unlock their potential, achieve higher grades and improve their lives.

Our story begins with a request from my younger brother, Tobi, asking me for future assistance with his matric, he was still in grade 10  which gave me time to research the best ways I could be of help. I agreed and began my hunt to find how I could provide the most significant impact that would reflect in his report. Never would I have imagined that along the journey I would find a way to not just help my brother, but all grade 12 students looking to excel on their exams.

After becoming aware that 75% of the Grade 12 report was related to final exams and only 25% was from school-based assessments such as assignments and tests it became clear that I would help him with his final exam preparation as that would have the greatest impact on his matric report.

Keep your promise, big bro

I began by researching hundreds of academic journals and was surprised to find that according to Jeffrey D. Karpicke, psychological science who studies learning and memory at Purdue University, that practicing tests as a study tool is more effective than repeatedly studying material.

The solution seemed straightforward at first. Download, print, and provide Tobi with past exams papers and memos to study as they would help him prepare for his final exams.

Upon further research, however, the easy solution was short-lived, Professor Royce Sadler, a Senior Assessment Scholar’s, research highlighted a critical factor, which was that helpful feedback beyond memos was needed to accelerate a student’s learning.

Dr. Katherine Rawson, associate professor of Psychology’s research reinforced Prof. Royce Sadler research and took it a step further by revealing that to best prepare a student, the student would have to:

  • – Use tests as a study tool,
  • – Receive feedback
  • – And then restudy

According to the feedback to retain more knowledge, accelerate learning, and achieve higher marks, a student would need to apply the phenomenon known as test-restudy.

Judgement had come

From the research above and many more, I submitted my findings to The University of South Africa’s (UNISA), who rigorously assessed the outcomes on improving students’ academic performance. After the assessment, UNISA invited me to present the innovative research at the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) that hosted 800 delegates that representing the top educational institutions from 70 countries.

At the end of my presentation, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a standing ovation because, in a room full of academics, that rarely happens. It was at that very moment I knew that I had found a solution that had the potential of shaping the future of how students of all abilities could better their academic performance through technology.

Accelerated learning

We moved forward and developed prototypes of online tests that could self-mark and provide reliable feedback, we ran a pilot with Sci-Bono’s SSIP Program that focused on assisting Grade 12 Students in Gauteng to improve their academic performance. The pilot was a success. However, once the pilot was over we decided to focus on the final exam portion alone to provide the most significant impact

Built to get results

Resolved to help my brother succeed in his final exams, we set a new benchmark and created Interactive Past Exams. Interactive Past Exams are created using past exam questions, research, and help from The Department of Basic Education and expectational insights from tutors and teachers.

Once approved by the teachers, who conducted the final checks in 2016 I invited my brother Tobi to use the study tool. To my surprise, Tobi asked his best friend to join him, and together they invited other friends. Soon after the study tool was used by 500 matric students in Gauteng to prepare for their final exams.


Fast forward to today, both his younger brother and the best friend achieved bachelor passes with the best friend achieving several distinctions. Obed’s brother is now studying for a Bachelor of Finance degree at the University of Johannesburg, and the best friend is studying Bachelor of Accounting Science degree at Wits as her dream is to become a Charted Accountant.

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